Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This blog has moved

This is just a brief note to say that my blog has now been embedded in my new tech blog at, where I’ll post about more topics, including Windows 8, web and cloud development on Windows Azure, mobile programming on Windows Phone 7, in addition, of course, to Embedded-related subjects.

To keep in touch, head over to – see you there!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Working on something new…

I’ve been very busy during the last month working on a number of personal projects, that will be publicly available soon:


  • gianni’s hub: my new blog made with Umbraco CMS and hosted on Windows Azure
  • Umbraco Windows Azure Accelerator Lite: a reworked version of the Windows Azure Accelerator for Umbraco project, aimed to minimize Azure Storage transactions. It works in combination with my Umbraco Accelerator Sync Extension: an extension to Umbraco to optimize synchronization between web-role local data and Windows Azure Blob Storage Windows Azure logo

    Umbraco logo





  • gianni’s hub WP7 app: the official Windows Phone 7 application to stay tuned on the latest technology newsWindows Phone logo