Tuesday, June 28, 2011

embeddedSPARK 2011 Winners

I’ve  just come back from Seattle, where me and the other finalists had a wonderful week. First of all… the results!embeddedSPARK final event

Congratulations to everybody and special thanks to Microsoft (great organizational work by Gitte-Lena, aka Steel) and the judges, Olivier Bloch, Samuel Phung and Mike Hall, for the great experience we had!
It has been a cloudy and cold week (in respect to Italian weather in this season), but no rain and, in addition, a few days we had a warm and pleasant sun! We could visit Seattle and Microsoft Campus in Redmond all the way round, we met some Microsoft people and talked to them about Windows, Windows Embedded and the future. Great things will come, just have patience for some more months…


  1. Hello SIr,

    First of all congratulations for the success. I saw the demo of your prototype. Actually i am also working on a project which involves the ebox 3300 as the base embedded pc running the compact 7 but for that i am not able to get a touch screen which can work with this OS. I saw you used one in your project. can you please help me out for getting such a touch screen for my embedded pc.

  2. @Anubhav Unfortunately these kind of touchscreen displays can't be bought in the near PC hardware store. You have to look for touchscreen display producers/resellers and contact them directly. In the specific, you must look for a display which has WinCE compatibility (usually it is mentioned in display datasheet). I used one compatible with Elo Touch drivers for WinCE.