Sunday, March 21, 2010

Embedded contest update and Microsoft certification exams

Some weeks ago I announced that I would have written some posts about my work for Microsoft Embedded Sparks 2010 contest. Sadly and unfortunately, due to little free time in the last period and to some hardware/software issues while preparing the contest prototype, I had to stop the development. Maybe I will retry next year…

Meanwhile, I also studied to take two Microsoft Certification exams. I took the first one in mid-December: it was the beta version of Windows Mobile 6.5 - Application Developer exam. I received the communication that I passed it just ten days ago. On last Wednesday, then, I took and passed the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 - Development exam. Now I’m a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in embedded field… but that’s just the beginning: I already started to study for a new Embedded exam, Windows Embedded Standard 7 for Developers (previously known as Windows Embedded Standard 2011), which I’ll take as soon as it become available (maybe in mid-June).

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