Thursday, April 29, 2010

Congratulations, Marco!

I’m pleased to announce that yesterday my friend and colleague Marco has been awarded the first prize in Microsoft Embedded Sparks 2010 contest. His proposed solution, submitted in January to Microsoft, should represent what the dream of every guitarist is: the chance to try all available sound effects, typically built into footswitches that cost 100-200$ apiece, at an affordable price. His "Guitar Multi Effect" project is designed to emulate all effects digitally, saving money and giving a musician less to carry from gig to gig. Marco’s proposal also offers a karaoke mode that accompanies a guitarist with previously recorded audio tracks. When fitted with an optional touch screen it also enables playback of video lessons and allows to download new effects from the web.

Find out more on the contest web site, on Marco’s blog or watch the official video:

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