Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Windows Embedded Roadmap

Yesterday Microsoft publicly released the roadmap for Windows Embedded vNext products.

During the past months, Microsoft worked on the foundation for an entirely new category within the traditional embedded market: intelligent systems. These are embedded devices that can extend enterprise software and cloud services out to everyday devices such as point of service (POS) terminals, in-car infotainment, medical equipment and even bar-top game machines.

With the company’s vision in place, Windows Embedded recently laid out details about how the company will deliver on its vision for intelligent systems over the next year.

Here are the main things announced:

  • Windows Embedded Enterprise vNext and Windows Embedded Standard vNext will be based on Windows 8.
  • Windows Embedded Standard vNext will be a customizable and componentized version of Windows 8. During the first quarter of 2012 a CTP for developers will be released and the final version will be released 3 quarters after Windows 8 general availability. In addition it is confirmed that Windows Embedded Standard vNext will support the ARM architecture.
  • Windows Embedded Enterprise vNext, full Windows product licensed for embedded OEMs, will be available a quarter after Windows 8 general availability .
  • In the second half of 2012 there will be a Windows Embedded Compact vNext, still based on the Windows Embedded CE core, with support for native application development in Visual Studio vNext.

For further information, have a look at the complete press release.

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